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Why Should a Small e-Commerce Business Also Have a CFO?

The small business world is large and impressive. At the same time, it is pretty bizarre. Why?

SMEs represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide (s: The World Bank). So really, a remarkable world. A vast number of them represent eCommerce businesses.
Nevertheless, when we go into how these businesses operate, we will see some quirks.

An old saw says: “successful companies are 80% good teams and 20% good idea, not the other way around”. And many small business owners think that a good idea and hard work are enough, but they struggle to compete with their more prominent rivals through not having the critical skills on their boards.
Having board executives like a world-class CFO is not within easy reach for an SME. However, with my unique service called Your Non-Exec CFOx it is now attainable.

Improving your business’s cash flow by 20-30% in the first 3 months and much more afterwards – more real cash in your pocket

Actively attending your board e-meetings and helping with your operational & strategic decisions; brainstorming & advising

Changing capital allocation – determining the most efficient investment strategy for your business

Assisting you with fundraising (banks, Angel Investors, VCs, Family Offices) – cash is your oxygen

Effective investor relations management – “speaking their language“

Helping you with pricingPricing 4 Profit (big one!)

Assisting you with Mergers & Acquisitionswhy not buy your competitor?

Going public – increase your valuation by 10 times!

These are just a few of the benefits while working with me as your CFO. And like you, I am also an entrepreneur and have been one for the last two decades. Thus, I am an insider when it comes to understanding a business and the owner’s needs. This is why I have built a monopoly with such explosive value that no one else can understand, much less compete with.

Marek Niedzwiedz

Trained & Experienced Business Finance Expert

Forbes Business Council Official Member

Entrepreneur For 2 Decades (3 Exits)

Freelance Investor Relations Consultant

This guy is amazing. We scaled up cash by 40% in the first 6 months of working together. Profit 25% up in the first FY.

Amanda Syfred
Co-Founder, Guzeros

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A monthly subscription model. You can cancel anytime. startup gold platinum
Actively attending your board e-meetings and helping with your operational & strategic decisions; brainstorming & advising 1 per month 1 per month 2 per month
Preparing your monthly Management Report & KPIs Dashboard – extremely helpful with decision-making and controlling Yes Yes Yes
Providing a headline view of whether your company is heading in the right direction–what’s measured improves Yes Yes Yes
Regular industry insights that will help you with strategic & operational decisions Yes Yes Yes
Email/Phone/WhatsApp me with relevant business or finance questions No Yes Yes
Preparing and regularly updating your 12-month cash flow forecast No Yes Yes
Helping you to raise capital (either debt or equity) No Yes* Yes*
Investor Relations – speaking or reporting to your investors/financiers e.g. Angels, VCs, Banks etc. (speaking the language your investors understand – invaluable) No Yes Yes
Supervising and working with your bookkeeper or accountant; advising on the automation of your bookkeeping function No No Yes
Building and regularly updating your financial model for eCommerce – see an example No No Yes
Advising on your inventory and stock management (highly useful as effective inventory or stock control can boost your cash flow significantly) No No Yes
Your investment, per month $700 $1,700 $2,700
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* +3% of the amount raised